Basement Excavation

There is no getting away from the fact that digging out a huge hole underneath your home is a daunting task and something that will throw up lots of questions for you.
You need or want the extra space, but tight planning restrictions above ground may limit what you can do above ground level. With this in mind many people are starting to look underground to gain that much needed space and add considerable value to their home at the same time.



A typical basement conversion can add 20% onto your homes value and so it not surprising that many have already taken advantage of getting this done.

The engineering feat that goes into making sure the home is protected whilst the excavation and structural works are done cannot be taken lightly. You will need a team of highly trained experts to make sure this is done without damage to the property and to the very highest safety standards.

Creating new spaces is what we have been doing all over London for the last 22 years and if you are looking to work with some of the best in our business then we would love to speak to you about your exciting project.


We are renowned for our work and have a safety record that speaks for itself.

Industrial Scale

We are proud to have worked on many projects on an industrial scale. Currently we are in the middle of a RC Framework project in Nottingham that will eventually see a huge development on this large piece of land in the city centre.

Under Garden

As well as excavation under the property we also do open basement work where Garden spaces are re-developed to give additional living underneath the eventually restored back garden.

We engaged Pro Basements to do all the groundwork and the main build for our development of accommodation for 200 students in the heart of Nottingham. We have never been disappointed with that decision!
T Salomone

A specialist firm of renowned basement specialists who provide a turn key solution for those wanting to expand their home with a new basement.

We work with building control and the Health and Safety Executive to ensure our projects are completed safely, on time and on budget.