Chiswick development of six new family homes with enhanced basement spaces. We worked closely with the developer of the site in Chiswick to plan and create six basement spaces under both the new house and back garden areas.

The large new spaces were then built on and covered with the new back garden providing lots of additional underground space for these new build homes.

A new development of six family homes in Chiswick. We were tasked with creating basement spaces that took advantage of the garden and floor plan area to provide lots of additional living space.

From the initial excavation of the entire area and building the base of the six basements through to building all the exterior and internal walls including the steel works of these large basement spaces, we were on site from start to finish.

The project was a huge success!

The completed homes were extremely popular and went on the market for over a million pounds each. The developer was delighted with our work on the project and we are looking forward to the next project.